What Makes BFS TRUCK TRAINING the Best Place to Procure Your TLILIC3017?

Countless workers out there search for a quality place to get TLILIC3017- their legitimate licence to Heavy Combination Vehicle.

If you’re one too who’s looking to polish up those trucking skills and get the feeling of freedom, excitement and fellowship on the highway- “Welcome To BFS TRUCK TRAINING.”

We promise to make your course training one amusing experience and pave the way for a rewarding career in the trucking sector. Our best-in-class and attention-to-detail HC courses are offered up at competitive rates.

We ensure you learn in a comfortable environment; our cordial and experienced instructors will make your truck-training timeless intimating and more engaging. And speaking with experience and with an impressive track record to go with it, our in-depth HC course coverage will certainly boost your self-confidence and make you a totally transformed and efficient truck driver when you leave.

We Emphasise On CORE Training…

Our HC licence training in Sydney educates you on basic vehicle-handling and operating skills on a busy commercial highway.

  • Our experienced course trainers help increase your alertness, self-esteem, patience via a series of constant practice, practice… & practice.
  • You learn all the rudimentary mathematics and achieve a complete sense of your new heavy combination vehicle.
  • We even prepare you on how to identity unforeseen road situations and ways to tackle those potential hazards keeping your and other’s safety in mind.
  • Our competent instructors even train you to counter road aggression, avoid taking bad decisions or getting into perilous accidents.
  • And with all that; we even inform you of all highway as well as traffic rules and regulations in Sydney, NSW to make you an efficient defensive trucker for life.

We Always Adhere To The Highest Industry Safety Standards…

Each of our HC licence training program emphases on the highest possible safety standards. And we achieve that by staying true to the levied RMS and work cover norms and regulations.

Every student we train is taught the importance and need of driving trucks in a legal and safe manner. We never adopt a relaxed approach when training candidates and make sure that everyone who leaves our school is not only top-class in their driving skills but thoroughly informed about those mandatory regulations.

And it is due to our honest and dedicated training why so many of our previously trained candidates refer positive word-of-mouth to those seeking help in obtaining an HC truck licence in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

All Tasks & Competencies Which Feature In Our HC Course Training…

As an aspiring trucker wanting to perfect your trucking skills and obtain TLILIC3017- licence to Heavy Combination Vehicle  you will learn the following!

  • Lessons on starting the HC vehicle
  • The right way to stopping gradually
  • Know-how on controlling gear and managing the accelerator
  • Keys to safe parking and reversing
  • Fundamentals of Defensive/safe driving on a busy highway
  • Safe loading/unloading
  • Maintaining a safe training distance of 3-6 seconds (in normal conditions) and 7-10 (in inclement weather/in congenial road conditions)
  • Keeping a check of the truck’s rate of acceleration and obeying the speed limits, always
  • Properly crossing every toll booth
  • Safely picking gaps in crowded traffic and keeping eyes on the road at all times
  • Staying always focussed, keeping distractions aside and watching every road rule and direction
  • The basics of coupling and uncoupling
  • Making proper use of viewing mirrors, horns and keeping true to every safe driving lesson taught
  • Always steering by maintaining a straight line
  • And never rashly operating the vehicle- especially when hauling a heavy load.

Furthermore; when providing you real-time training, our instructors will even give you a practical demonstration of the right speed to maintain on the highway as well as on the three-point driveway!

Passionate About Heavy Vehicle & Need A HC Licence? Get In Touch!

BFS TRUCK TRAINING, as your truck driving school Sydney delivers you fun, interactive and professional training down to perfection!

So, if you’re worried about weak points or driving flaws? It’s no biggie! We even share useful driving TIPS & TRICKS to always keep you safe on a busy commercial highway.