What does it take to get a MC Multi Combination Truck Licence in Sydney, NSW?

MC or Multi Combination heavy vehicle truck licence is a combined authority of driving low loader dolly and low loader trailer combinations for towing more than one trailer. In other words, the Multi Combination (MC Class) truck licence allows the holder to drive any combination unit that tows two or more trailers, with each having a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of more than 9000 Kg.

To be eligible to be a holder of the MC truck licence in Sydney, one must be holding the HR Heavy Rigid or HC Heavy Combination licence for at least 12 months.

This particular licence is designed for the drivers who wish to upgrade from either an HR – Heavy Rigid or an HC – Heavy Combination licence. In case any individual is upgrading from an HR –Heavy Rigid licence, the person will have to complete all HC assessments, which are a part of HR-MC course, before undertaking the MC assessments, as per the NSW rules. The participants will have to develop the necessary skills, attitude and the knowledge for obtaining the MC – Multi Combination Truck Licence in Bankstown near Sydney or elsewhere in NSW, which is a part of the HR-MC course, with a Constant Mesh (road ranger) or automatic transmission, through a competency-based assessment (CBA) under the watchful eyes of our Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)- accredited and experienced trainers at BFS Truck Training.

RMS Requirements for MC Licence eligibility

  • The participants must hold a current HR–Heavy Rigid licence should be holding it unabatedly for at least the last 12 months. Alternately, the person must hold an HC – Heavy Combination licence currently.
  • The incumbent must be proficient in using both automatic or manual transmission
  • The person must have successfully completed the MC – Multi Combination knowledge test and has obtained a CBA Learner logbook and a guide book
  • The incumbent must crack the medical examination successfully
  • The applicant must be well aware of the content of the CBA guide book
  • Those who are the holders of HR – Heavy Rigid licence will have to crack an HC – Heavy Combination licence assessment, before undertaking a MC training in a truck driving school in Sydney or elsewhere in NSW.
  • An individual who holds a provisional P1 or P2 licence will not be considered eligible to apply for an MC Licence in NSW.

Upgrading From a Provisional P1 or P2 Licence

As per the RMS norms, the holders of Provisional P1 or P2 Licence are not eligible to apply for MC or HC licence, until they hold at least a full class HR – Heavy Rigid for at least 12 months.

Thus you see, to get the MC licence, you have to meet a lot of criteria, which by no means, are easy. Thus, to go through this entire process seamlessly you not only need a quality trainer but a reliable school that will be able to guide you all through the way. Thus, you need to put stakes on a quality truck driving school. We pride to state that we at BFS Truck Training comes up as one of the most reliable names in this regard. For further details, call us at 406630076 within our office hours.