What does it take to Earn an MR or HR Truck license in New South Wales?

If you are to acquire the licence to drive MR and HR trucks in and around various cities in New South Wales, including the state capital Sydney, you have your task cut out. There are a number of criteria that you need to fulfil.

However, above all, you need to enrol into a reputed driving school in Campbelltown or Parramatta, which is home to some of the most experienced and seasoned trainers. These professionals will train and turn you into the most eligible contender for HR or MR truck licence in NSW.

Take, for instance, BFS Truck Training. Indeed, we are one of the most trustworthy names when it comes to providing truck driving training. We make sure that you are well trained and mentally well prepared to get that much-coveted licence.

However, what it takes to earn two types of licence? Let us look into the issue.

What are the various types of truck licence available?

Before we start discussing the issue, you need to know that there are multiple categories of truck licence in Australia, including NSW. They are MC or Multi Combination, HC or Heavy Combination, HR or Heavy Rigid, MR or Medium Rigid and LR or Light Rigid truck licence to earn. Of these, we at BFS Truck Training offer training for MR, HR, MC and HC licence.

Getting an MR Licence

MR vehicles include trucks or buses having a GVM or Gross Vehicle Mass of over 8 tonnes and a pair of axles. However, when we talk about the towed trailer, it should have a weight less than 9-ton GVM.

To apply for a MR truck licence in Bankstown, you must:

  • Hold a Class C Licence or equivalent for at least a year or more. When you spend a period training for P1 licence counts, you will not be eligible to drive any MR vehicle. Also, you will not be considered eligible for an upgrade to MR licence, till you are a holder of P2 or full class C licence.
  • You need to crack the MR knowledge assessment and pass the eyesight test
  • Crack the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) successfully or pass the Roads and Maritime Driving Test.

Getting an HR Licence

HR vehicles include trucks or other vehicles with a GVM above 8 tonnes and more than 3 axles. A towed trailer of GVM, not more than 9 tonnes is included in this category.

To apply for an HR truck licence in Botany, you are required to:

  • Be the holder of Class C licence (excepting a learner licence) or equivalent for at least 2 or more years. During the time that you spend on P1 licence counts, you will not be eligible to practice driving an HD vehicle, much like the MR version. In the same way, you cannot upgrade to HR licence till you are a holder of a P2 or Full Class C licence.
  • You need to crack the HR knowledge assessment
  • Pass the eyesight test
  • Successfully complete the HVCBA or crack the Roads and Maritime Driving Test.

So you see, the rules and regulation of acquiring the HR and the HR truck licence are quite similar to each other. All you need is trustworthy guidance from an experienced body and some intense training by seasoned trainers.

Here is where BFS Truck Training comes into play with all its experience and expertise.

For further details, call us at 406630076 or mail us at  info@bfstrucktraining.com.au . We will resolve your queries with any delay whatsoever.