Things to Know Before Applying for HC Licence Available in NSW

If you have aspirations to acquire HC Licence in NSW you need to know a few things about the licence at first. This will help you to chalk out a clear route to success in gaining the much-coveted licence and enroll in a reputed truck driving school in Sydney or elsewhere like BFS Truck Training.

Nevertheless, when you enroll in our institute with the aspirations of obtaining an HC truck licence we explain in detail all that is to be known about the licence, for a better understanding of things related to this licence.

Here on this page we discuss in a nutshell a few essential points regarding this licence.

Vehicles you are eligible to drive with an HC Licence in NSW 

Technically speaking,  the Class HC truck licence in Sydney or elsewhere in NSW is needed to drive:

  • Articulated vehicles having three or more axles
  • HR (Heavy Rigid) vehicle trailer combinations, which include unladen dolly having three or more axles
  • Towed Trailer, with Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of over 9 tonnes

The Eligibility to apply for HC Licence

In order to be able to apply for HC licence or semi-trailer in Bankstown or elsewhere in NSW:

  • You must have the class HR or MR licence or equivalent for one year or more.
  • The time you have spent on P2 MR or HR licence will be taken into account, but before you acquire the licence, you will not be able to drive any HC licence. You cannot upgrade to the HC licence from a lower grade licence till you are a full class HR or MR licence holder.
  • You  must pass the HC knowledge test
  • You must pass an eyesight test
  • You must successfully complete the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) or pass a Roads & Maritime Services ((RM) Knowledge Test

This is where we at BFS Truck Training will come in handy. Once you enroll we will be able to help you obtain the HC licence in Auburn or in any place in NSW depending upon your place of residence.

A guideline that will help you: 

  • To be eligible, you must have held a Class HR or MR licence (this does not include the licence) for a period of at least 1 year in total.
  • You must have completed the RMS Knowledge Test successfully
  • You must obtain the HVCBA learner’s guidebook as well as the logbook
  • The HVCBA guidebook must be read and understood thoroughly before the start of the training.

In general, the HC licence training course content contains: 

Pre-operational Check, Cabin Drills, Starting, moving off, shutting down and securing, managing steering, gear, the brakes, the accelerator, creating, maintaining and protecting enough space to avoid crashes and other mishaps, acclimatisation with the traffic rules and directions, reversing, Hill stopping and hill starting, securing loads, coupling and uncoupling.

Final Competency Assessment FCA)

This is another major step to acquire the HC Truck Driving Licence. At first, the training course must be successfully completed. The course must have the previously mentioned criteria. You will be trained and then assessed at the end of the training on all these criteria and only if you are considered to be up to the mark you will be “signed off”.

Once the entire training course is completed, you will have to appear for the Final Competency Assessment (FCA). Only after the FCA is successfully completed and all the expected competency standards have been achieved, the certification will be issued. The HC licence will be finally provided based on this certification by the RMS.

So you see, this is a complicated process, and you can obtain the licence only when you get enrolled in a driving school like us. To know further details, call us at 406630076.