Procure Your HC Licence in Parramatta With BFS Truck Training- Things To Know!

Most truck drivers who enjoy life on the open road will tell you how exciting and adventurous their job can be. Getting complete freedom to move anywhere and at anytime without reporting to anyone is something many aspiring truckers yearn for.

Well, now you can fulfil this dream by upskilling to an HC truck licence. BFS Truck Trainingoffers you heavy combination license courses which teach you how to drive

  • Prime Mowers with a single semi-trailer attached
  • Most (HR class) heavy rigid vehicles which come attached with a trailer and weight more than 9000 kg.
  • Most articulated vehicles consisting of more than 3 axles.
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Fuel Tankers
  • Logging trucks
  • General freight delivery trucks
  • Concrete trucks.

A Closer Look At Our HC Truck Driving License Course Training:-

Our HR truck course training is conducted by our experienced trainers, and they make it a point to cover each crucial aspect needed to become a successful HC truck driver. Our course training covers:-

  • Pre-operational checking.
  • Key aspects of your truck, namely its start, shut-down, move off, securing vehicle and more.
  • Creating and maintaining safe crash avoidance spaces.
  • Techniques on coupling and uncoupling.
  • The basics of reversing.
  • Ways to secure heavy loads.
  • Knowledge about hill start and stop
  • Ways to properly maintain gears, accelerators, steering wheels and even brakes.
  • Education on road rules and directions to follow.

And more…

What Is The Eligibility Factor?

  • You should possess an HR or MR truck license or anything which is equivalent for a year or more.
  • You should possess an HVCBA log book and guide
  • You must clear the HC knowledge exam and pass the eyesight test with distinction.
  • Lastly, you need to clear the Heavy Vehicle Competency Assessment and get your certificate of Competency.

What Happens When You Clear Our Practical Driving Assessment?

Once you have successfully cleared our Practical Driving Assessment; your current held license will be updated, and that will reveal your eligibility to handle all sorts of HC class trucks across Parramatta. We will also hand you over your renewed HC truck license as proof of your skill upgrade!

However, What Happens When You Fail?

If for some reason you are not able to clear our practical driving assessment, then you will have to re-apply after 7-calender days. We always provide our students who fail their tests on their first occasion ample time to prepare and sit again.

So, there you have it. All the key details that you need to know about our HC truck license and what scope it offers you.

As your trustworthy Truck License provider in Parramatta, we offer you courses which are RMS accredited for Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment. And having vast experience in the respective industry; we have helped improve truck driving skills of many of our learners.

And if you are striving to become a professional truck driver and reap the benefits of this lucrative industry; we will train you into a safe and competent driver for the busy Australian roads.

Looking to upgrade to HC Licence in Parramatta, call us @ 406630076.