Noteworthy Perks Of Upscaling To A Heavy Rigid License

Interested in a career in truck driving, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. We at “BFS Truck Training”; your trustworthy truck driving school in Sydney offers you HR licensed for your Heavy Rigid truck license.

Each of our trainers is RMS accredited for HVCBA- Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment course training to enhance your driving skills and turn you into a responsible trucker.

Upskilling to an HR license is always an integral part. It validates your proficiency in handling heavy-duty trucks with skill and due diligence. Furthermore; a career in the trucking industry can be a rewarding one. You get the opportunity to explore different territories, not just Sydney, but Australia too along with good payouts.

Simply put, possessing an HR driving license presents you with an extra edge to your newly starting career and brings about lots of lucrative employment opportunities.

A Drop-Down On The Perks Of Procuring An HR Truck License:-

  • “Flexible Working Schedules.”

Other than the scope to make big bucks, another noteworthy reason to upscale to an HR license is the work flexibility. Be it interstate or intrastate; you can choose which truck you wish to take without having to answer to anyone.

  • “Possibility To Explore The Country’s Spectacular Sceneries.

The mundane 9-5 office job is not something for everyone. Going to the same place, talking to the same people and even eating the same meals from the cafeteria- it is almost like a loop which you undergo day in and day out!

In sharp contrast to this field, professional trucking offers freedom to cherish nature’s grace and explore new things. The job venture hardly keeps them in the same place as they are entrusted to deliver supplies/products to various companies all across Australia.

The life on the road offers more adventure and enjoyment and being a trucker with an HR licence will ensure you enjoy every bit of the roadster life.

  • “Job Satisfaction & Security.”

There is a surging demand for qualified truck drivers Down-under, especially for those who hold a legitimate HR truck license. And this makes it wondefully convenient if you yearn for job security in this demanding industry.

As a truck driver; you can work in both interstate and intrastate, thus giving you the liberation to move around. Furthermore; with a legitimate HR truck license; you also get the scope of picking which part of Sydney (or Australia) you wish to work at. And the reason being, top-rated businesses and logistic houses require truckers who can handle operations seamlessly without damage or losses.

A Peek Into Our HR Course Content:-

Our experienced instructors cover integral aspects of handling trucks’ safety and responsibly.

Some of those lessons included in our HR truck licence courses in Hurstville include are:-

  • Pre-operational checks.
  • Reversing and load securing.
  • Cabin drill.
  • Learning about the start, move off, security and shut down aspects of trucks.
  • Managing steering wheels, gears, accelerators and brakes.
  • Protecting and ensuring crash avoidance space.
  • Lessons on road rules and directions.
  • Reversing and load securing skills.
  • Hill stops and starts feature.

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