Job Opportunities for Heavy Rigid Truck Licence Holder

The demand for truck drivers in Australia is continuously rising. So, if you want to become a professional trucker then you should look to enrol into a quality driving school which offers Heavy Rigid (HR) licence training in Sydney.

The good news for you is that BFS Truck Training offers you in-depth and attention-to-detail HR course training to pave the way for a lucrative career in the trucking sector.

As your reliable truck driving school in Sydney, we always offer you a quality learning environment where you learn all the key aspects of vehicle-handling and operate it confidently on all busy commercial freeways and streets.

The Heavy Rigid truck licence categorises as one of the highest qualifications you can acquire as an aspiring commercial truck driver. It permits you to drive heavy-duty trucks that are over 8T GVM or has 3 or more axles.

 It gives you the confidence, maturity, presence of mind and freedom to use it for your career growth and self-development, and operate as a licenced trucker in different areas in Sydney, New South Wales!

As per the norms; to get your HR truck licence; you need to have a Light Rigid (LR) Licence or Medium Rigid (MR) Licence for a span of approximately 1 year or a car licence for at least 1-2 years.

Upgrading Your Current Licence to an HR licence bestows Plenty of Rewarding Job Opportunities

Needless to say- if you upgrade your current licence to a Heavy-Rigid truck licence, then you will get plenty of lucrative trucking opportunities not just in NSW but all over Australia. And below lists some of those job opportunities which you would rather appreciate being a part of.

  • Large-size Council Bus Driver – This HR licence will permit you to drive large-sized council buses such as double-decker buses across NSW and other parts of Australia, should you choose to relocate.
  • Haul Trucks For Transporting Heavy Mining Materials – You can even get a job in the mining industry in be it in Sydney, NSW or anywhere in Australia. The only standard requirement for a worthy candidate is having an HR truck licence from a notable driving school in the region.

You will be entrusted to drive heavy-duty hauling trucks to deport heavy mining materials from one point to the next. You will also be assigned to inspect the vehicle its tyres, oils, electrical systems and brake functionality. Plus, you will also have to carry out the task of loading the material on the truck and supervising it.

  • Earthmoving Contractors – If you are among the few who owns an HR truck licence, then you can also get into the excavation and earthmoving industry and become a field contractor. Top excavation and earthmoving companies will need you to handle a large no. of heavy-rigid trucks and vehicles for their usual cartage work.

In addition, you will also be entrusted to carry out the tasks of loading and unloading the heavy load on to the truck. This requires the operator to possess a machinery ticket to which your HR truck licence will come into play.

  • Inter & Intra State Coach Driver – As you are aware, Greyhound stands as one of the most prominent names in the coach bus industry in Australia. It services long-distance routes and requires a proficient (and experienced) trucker possessing an HR truck licence to handle its vast number of passengers, their baggage and safely deport them to the intended destination.
  • Removalist Job – If you own an HR truck licence; then you are eligible for a removalist job, not only in Sydney, NSW but anywhere in Australia. This is one rewarding career simple because they are so popular everywhere Down-Under.

Top-shelf removal companies will require you to operate heavy and large items such as appliances, furniture and cabinets, safely haul it onto the moving vehicle and deport it either locally or interstate. Some other noteworthy responsibilities will include- properly using forklifts, lifting devices and performing thorough vehicle inspections on a daily basis.

Final Words

Thus, it’s established that there are no shortages of employment opportunities when you procure your Heavy Rigid (HR) truck licence. It will most certainly add a noteworthy feature to your resume and give you that decisive edge over other candidates possessing MR or LR licences.

So, if you wish to reap the benefits of a rather rewarding trucking career get in touch with BFS Truck Training – your notable driving school near you and upgrade to an HR truck licence whenever you’re ready!