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FHV Driving Training: Basic Job Description for HGV Drivers

Most job seekers are always on the lookout for jobs that are resistant against the recession. This is especially true after the financial crisis that has affected the various sectors in different countries in the last few years. The FHV driving job, specifically the heavy vehicle or truck driving falls under this category. There is a very high demand for them across the nation by different companies as there is a dearth of good drivers to meet the overwhelming demand. Grabbing the heavy vehicle licence and the proper FHV driving training are the primary requirements to drive the heavy vehicles and the pay-check, in this case, is also quite lucrative.

A certification course from a reputed and renowned institute like BFS Truck Training is definitely going to enhance your resume. Add to it a few years of valuable experience and many transport companies will be willing to hire you and give you as much as salary as you demand.

However, it is vital that one understands the prerequisites of this job prior to taking the plunge. That is why BFS Truck Training presents here the job description of truck or HGV driving that will help you decide whether this one is for you before you enrol for the FHV driving training course. This will give you a fair idea about the skills you should have to be a successful driver.

Time management
This is one the most basic things that people, working for any sector, should follow. But in this field, this becomes a priority. The HGV driver must be careful in efficient time management so that he can make the pickups and deliveries on time without leading his company to make any losses. Bad time management is also one of the major causes of physical exhaustion and fatigue. So he needs to be very serious in this case.
Effective planning is another key prerequisite for being an HGV driver. He needs to read maps and then plan his route accordingly so that he can meet the deadlines as stipulated to him. He should be able to discover new places each day that will help him to avoid challenging routes. The driver should also try his best to waste minimum fuel while choosing the roads. This point is something that is highlighted time and again during the FHV driving training course as fuel efficiency is a major criterion for any types of driving profession.
This is another thing which is crucial for any truck or HGV driver. He should be able to do all the vital paperwork in regards to delivery, loading service, fines, pay-check and all such related formalities. He must be able to complete the paperwork in the right way and within the time so that his payment is not withheld.
Rules and regulations
This is one of the most highly regarded elements for anyone who travels and for a truck driver this is of utmost significance. Ignoring a rule cannot be taken as an excuse for a truck driver when he gets an expensive fine. That is why it is expected of them to be well aware of all the rules and regulations especially while travelling between states. The FHV driving training course provided by BFS Truck Training brings to the notice of its trainees all the relevant regulations so that they do not face any hassle in their driving career.
Once you enrol for any of the courses in BFS Truck Training you can rest assured that you will get a comprehensive know-how about everything related to driving that particular vehicle. For us, the trainees are our priorities, and we take a pledge for their overall development and ensure their sustenance and growth in the field of truck driving for years to come.
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