Essential Things to Consider for Becoming a Professional Truck Driver

Do you have the urge of becoming one of the best truck drivers? Well choosing truck driving as your career in Sydney will get you handsome income for sure. However, becoming an efficient truck driving is a challenging task. You need to have proper skills and appropriate license to become a truck driver. In addition, it is best if you enrol yourself in a certified truck driving school to get proper training and license for the truck driver’s job.

Here are certainly vital aspects that you need to consider for becoming a professional truck driver…

Requirements and Preparation

In order to become a professional truck driver, you must have an HR Licence in Sydney. However, to obtain HR license, you must at least have a P2 license for two years. Moreover, to shift to HC license, you need to have an MR and HR license for minimum one year.

Hence, you need to keep in mind that it takes a minimum of four years to get your final HC license. The licenses are differentiated based on their carrying capacity and axle’s numbers:

  • MR License (Medium Rigid): Any GMV but you can only drive two-axle trucks. Also, it will not allow you to tow a trailer more than 9T
  • HR License (Heavy Rigid): Limitless vehicle GVM and no limitation in the axle, but, will the tow of a trailer above 9T is restricted
  • HC License (Heavy Combination): Towing more one trailer is restricted in this license
  • MC License (Multi Combination): The heavy vehicles that are road registered do not have restrictions to operations.

Applying and Testing

The above-mentioned licenses are controlled at the state level and conducted in person. Your theoretical knowledge will be tested during the final truck driving assessment. In order to pass this test, you must excel in an eye test, maritime driving test, and on-road test. Besides, some organisations might ask for your medical certificate, to know whether you are physically fit to drive. The practical assessment phase is one of the most challenging aspects of learning to drive a heavy vehicle. If you enrol yourself to a certified truck driving school in Sydney, then you will be trained well to learn truck driving and access all the controls properly.

Registering and Searching for a Job

This is the final step, as well as the most challenging part of your journey to becoming a truck driver. Moreover, it turns out more difficult when you are looking for a job independently. Hence, to make the process easier, make sure to cover the following points:

  • The type of industry you want to work in. Different organisations require various experience levels and training
  • Make yourself ready for the lifestyle, as some truck drivers have a long duration of driving, irregular hours, late shift, as well as days far from home.
  • You must know to perform your daily maintenance and inspection of your truck
  • Be updated with technology
  • Apply appropriate techniques to make the journey more comfortable

Thus, these are certain things that you need to consider for becoming a professional truck driver. Also, it is recommended for you to enrol in a well-known truck driving school learn driving as well get the appropriate license.

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