Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid During HR Truck Licence Assessment

The truck licence mechanism in NSW is, like in other states of Australia, an absolutely transparent, fair, and unbiased process. However, it’s strict and therefore, disqualification can take place even for a minor error during the test, something that can be a real heartbreak for an individual vouching for an HR licence.

Therefore, one must be extremely cautious to learn the driving techniques during the training phase and then when it comes to appearing in the final test.

Some words of caution…

One point that must be kept in mind is the fact that truck licence driving tests for HR licence in Sydney are all video-recorded. Also, as per the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) rules, the professional assessing during the test has to be a different individual and not the person who has been providing training to aspirants. These two factors play a crucial role in escalating nervousness in the aspirant and who does not know, that nervousness and errors go hand in hand? This is where the aspirants need to be extra cautious and more so has to keep at bay any sense of nervousness but retaining self-belief.

However, one must not forget that the aspirants fail only, and only if there are too many errors during the assessment. Otherwise, there is no reason for not cracking the assessment at one go.

Thus, it is important to know the most common errors that the aspirants end up doing, costing them their licence.

Incorrect indications:

This is one of the most serious mistakes that might see the aspirant ending up at the losing side. Proper and perfect signaling is a must as per the NSW Road Rules, failing which will invite a fine, a lot of demerit points, and non-compliance. Thus, during the truck licence test in Sydney as elsewhere, incorrect indications are considered as a serious mistake, grave enough to invite a failure during the test.


RMS is always fair and transparent when it comes to speed measurement during licence assessments. There is clear instruction that the assessor will only and only rely on the instrument that the trainee has at his or her disposal during the driving test. This means the use of GPS is a strict NO-NO during the assessment. Only parallax error is allowed when it comes to establishing the vehicle speed and thus encourage the aspirants to ask the examiner the speed zone if they are not that confident. They have to be very particular, as speeding will lead to termination of assessment.

Stopping over a stop Line:

The ideal step when it comes to stopping is to stop close to the stop line and that’s how the lessons go in our truck driving school in Sydney. And under no circumstances, any part of the vehicle should cross over the line. Hence, while approaching a traffic light, it is absolutely imperative to stop BEFORE the stop line to avoid failure. Remember, a STOP SIGN indicates stopping fully, but not over the STOP sign.

Checking the Mirror:

Not checking the mirror at regular intervals during the assessment is a mistake. This is needed for checking the lane positioning. It is also needed when turning, as it will ensure the vehicle does not collide with any other vehicle in the vicinity or gets into a mess in areas with a kerb or a median strip.

Therefore you must ensure that you remain cautious about not committing these mistakes during the assessment for HR licence – something that we really put emphasis on when you enroll in BFS Truck TrainingFor further details, call us at 406630076.