10 Ways How Truck Drivers Can Save Fuel Consumption on the Highway

Did You Know: Reducing your fuel consumption even by 1MPG can decrease your fuel economy by 0.14 MPG and help you save approximately $10,000 each year!

Add to that; our instructors believe and even teach learners wanting to procure their truck license in Blacktown, Sydney that

“Reducing speed helps; cut down on fuel consumption, helps avoid traffic congestion, and enhances the aerodynamics of the rig. Most importantly; it also gives you time to respond to highway happenstances and stay safe no matter what!”

Achieving impressive fuel economy is no more, a fad. It is now a major habitual change, and we believe every commercial trucker should follow these 10 TIPS TO IMPROVE THEIR FUEL EFFICIENCY!

Look To Manage Your Engine RPM:-

Look to regulate the engine speed as that is a key factor in keeping your fuel consumption under check. You need to find a sweet-spot/adequate RPM range, something in between 1250-1350 RPM.

Don’t Overstuff Your Truck:-

By adding more weight on your truck, your vehicle work harder to move. So, if the truck is already hauling 1000s of pounds, do not add any more. With more weight, it means that the truck will consume more fuel even when moving at a subdued pace.

Carefully Monitor the Tire Pressure:-

Incorporate a habit of properly inspecting the existing tire pressure prior to heading out. Underinflated tires tend to reduce your overall fuel economy, and even 1 PSI drop can reduce fuel mileage by 0.3%.

Never Overfill the Fuel Tank:-

Fuel, when heated, tends to expand. So, when you overfill the fuel tank, there is a good chance that it can cause an overflow and wastage of fuel.

Look To Stay In High Gear:-

Look to drive in the highest gear as much as you can. This will assist you to improve fuel efficiency. Driving in low gears allows approximately 45% of more fuel consumption.

Make Good Use of Momentum:-

Our truck driving school instructors educating learners in Sydney state clearly- that there is no need for you to keep your foot on the gas pedal, all the time. In fact, whenever you see a hill, make use of the downward momentum to build speed and also to reach over to its other side.

Inspect the Truck Alignment:-

Ensure your heavy-duty truck tires are directed straight down the highway. Even a ¼ degree tilt will cause the vehicle to move 12-15 ft/sideway each mile! And, that deteriorates the fuel efficiency.

Look to Use Cruise Control:-

Use cruise control whenever feasible as it can limit un-needed acceleration and deceleration. Plus, it can help you save 6-8% of fuel usage on the highway.

Properly Inspect the Engine Fan:-

When the engine is running, its fan will usually operate 5-7% of the time- which is fine. But if there is some issue with it, then it will run more frequently. And, the more the fan runs, the more truck’s horse-power will kick in, resulting in more fuel consumption.

Lastly, Examine the Battery Cables:-

Examine the battery cables whenever checking the truck engine. If the cables are worn out or corroded, it will cause the alternator to operate harder than needed- and that will result in more fuel consumption.

Look to implement these tips as much as possible whenever you travel on the highway. And soon you will maximise your fuel efficiency without even realising it.

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